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Yao H, Xu W, Liu Z, Ma D, Bao H. Salvianolic Acid B delays hepatolithiasis through inhibiting the fibrosis of intrahepatic biliary epithelial cells. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2022;18(79):641-650. icon PDF (4.35 MB)
Huiyao H, Rongjin Z, Pengpeng G, Fang Z, Yi X, Chunhui L, et al.. Schisandrin A ameliorates erectile dysfunction and regulates RhoA/ROCK1 pathway in rats with streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetes. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2022;18(79):766-772. icon PDF (1.56 MB)
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Yang M, Shi Y, Ji H. Scutellarin Ameliorated Ovalbumin-Induced Allergic Rhinitis in Experimental Mice through Potential Attenuation of the GATA3/ p-STAT6 Pathway. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2022;18(80):1104-1110. icon PDF (1.65 MB)
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Ranjan G, Sunita P, Bose P, Banerjee S, Pattanayak SP. Tinospora cordifolia ameliorates behavioral deficits in conditioned fear and single prolonged stress–induced preclinical PTSD model in mice by modulating translocator protein (18kDa, TSPO). Pharmacognosy Magazine. 2022;18(78):247-255. PDF icon PDF (2.84 MB)