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Oh Y-C, Jeong YHee, Kim T, Cho W-K, Ma JYeul. Anti-inflammatory effect of Artemisiae annuae herba in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 Cells. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2014;10(39s):s588-s595. icon PDF (1.68 MB)
Kim A, Ma JYeul. Anti-melanogenic activity of the novel herbal medicine, MA128, through inhibition of tyrosinase activity mediated by the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases and protein kinase signaling pathway in B16F10 cells. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2014;10(39s):s463-s471. icon PDF (1.62 MB)
Hwang Y-H, Cho W-K, Jang D, Ha J-H, Ma JYeul. High-performance liquid chromatography determination and pharmacokinetics of coumarin compounds after oral administration of Samul-Tang to rats. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2014;10(37):34-39. icon PDF (683.06 KB)
Oh Y-C, Jeong YHee, Cho W-K, Lee KJin, Kim T, Ma JYeul. Lactobacilli-fermented Hwangryunhaedoktang has enhanced anti-inflammatory effects mediated by the suppression of MAPK signaling pathway in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2014;10(39s):s645-s654. icon PDF (1.83 MB)
Weon JBae, Lee B, Yun B-R, Lee J, Ma JYeul, Ma CJe. Neuroprotective and cognitive enhancing activity of the fermented Bozhougyiqi-Tang. Pharmacognosy Magazine [Internet]. 2014;10(38s):s249-s255. icon PDF (1.47 MB)