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   2015| May  | Volume 11 | Issue 42  
    Online since May 27, 2015

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In silico analysis and molecular docking studies of potential angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor using quercetin glycosides
Syed Aun Muhammad, Nighat Fatima
May 2015, 11(42):123-126
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157712  PMID:26109757
  6,953 970 19
Quercetin induces human colon cancer cells apoptosis by inhibiting the nuclear factor-kappa B Pathway
Xiang-An Zhang, Shuangxi Zhang, Qing Yin, Jing Zhang
April-June 2015, 11(42):404-409
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153096  PMID:25829782
  6,410 253 53
Simultaneous determination three phytosterol compounds, campesterol, stigmasterol and daucosterol in Artemisia apiacea by high performance liquid chromatography-diode array ultraviolet/visible detector
Jiwoo Lee, Jin Bae Weon, Bo-Ra Yun, Min Rye Eom, Choong Je Ma
April-June 2015, 11(42):297-303
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153082  PMID:25829768
  5,851 231 4
Neuroprotective effects of Nigella sativa extracts during germination on central nervous system
Mohammad Hayatul Islam, Iffat Zareen Ahmad, Mohammad Tariq Salman
May 2015, 11(42):182-189
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157729  PMID:26109765
  5,292 138 3
In vitro regeneration and Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated genetic transformation in asakura-sanshoo (Zanthoxylum piperitum (L.) DC. F. inerme Makino) an important medicinal plant
Xiaofang Zeng, Degang Zhao
April-June 2015, 11(42):374-380
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153092  PMID:25829778
  5,081 135 2
A new method for identification of natural, artificial and in vitro cultured Calculus bovis using high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
Yonggang Liu, Peng Tan, Shanshan Liu, Hang Shi, Xin Feng, Qun Ma
April-June 2015, 11(42):304-310
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153083  PMID:25829769
  5,092 121 2
Sesamol, a lipid lowering agent, ameliorates aluminium chloride induced behavioral and biochemical alterations in rats
Jessy John, Madhavan Nampoothiri, Nitesh Kumar, Jayesh Mudgal, Gopalan Kutty Nampurath, Mallikarjuna Rao Chamallamudi
April-June 2015, 11(42):327-336
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153086  PMID:25829772
  5,047 165 15
Anti-arthritic activity of Fu-Fang-Lu-Jiao-Shuang on collagen-induced arthritis in Balb/c mice and its underlying mechanisms
Yanyan Wang, Weiguang Sun, Laxia Chen, Xin Xu, Yunxia Wu, Jinwen Zhang, Yonghui Zhang
April-June 2015, 11(42):242-249
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153065  PMID:25829761
  5,104 106 4
Shikonin induces apoptosis in the human gastric cancer cells HGC-27 through mitochondria-mediated pathway
Yue Hou, Jinghua Xu, Xia Liu, Xichun Xia, Ning Li, Xiuli Bi
April-June 2015, 11(42):250-256
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153074  PMID:25829762
  4,819 116 10
New free radical scavenging neolignans from fruits of Piper attenuatum
S Divya Reddy, Bandi Siva, B Poornima, D Anand Kumar, Ashok K Tiwari, U Ramesh, K Suresh Babu
April-June 2015, 11(42):235-241
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153063  PMID:25829760
  4,814 94 3
The enriched fraction of Elephantopus scaber Triggers apoptosis and inhibits multi-drug resistance transporters in human epithelial cancer cells
Asmy Appadath Beeran, Naseer Maliyakkal, Chamallamudi Mallikarjuna Rao, Nayanabhirama Udupa
April-June 2015, 11(42):257-268
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153077  PMID:25829763
  4,763 134 7
Ethyl acetate extract from marine sponge Hyattella cribriformis exhibit potent anticancer activity by promoting tubulin polymerization as evidenced mitotic arrest and induction of apoptosis
Pazhanimuthu Annamalai, Malini Thayman, Sowmiya Rajan, Lakshmi Sundaram Raman, Sankar Ramasubbu, Pachiappan Perumal
April-June 2015, 11(42):345-355
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153088  PMID:25829774
  4,567 90 4
Methyl gallate isolated from Spondias pinnata exhibits anticancer activity against human glioblastoma by induction of apoptosis and sustained extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 activation
Dipankar Chaudhuri, Nikhil Baban Ghate, Sudhir Shankar Singh, Nripendranath Mandal
April-June 2015, 11(42):269-276
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153078  PMID:25829764
  4,475 144 19
Cytotoxicity of some edible mushrooms extracts over liver hepatocellular carcinoma cells in conjunction with their antioxidant and antibacterial properties
Gökhan Sadi, Bugrahan Emsen, Abdullah Kaya, Aytaç Kocabas, Seval Çinar, Deniz Irtem Kartal
May 2015, 11(42):6-18
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157665  PMID:26109775
  4,384 192 11
Attenuation of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species with suppression of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in RAW 264.7 macrophages by bark extract of Buchanania lanzan
Shailasree Sekhar, KK Sampath-Kumara, SR Niranjana, HS Prakash
April-June 2015, 11(42):283-291
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153080  PMID:25829766
  4,396 175 7
Antiradical and antidiabetic properties of standardized extract of Sunderban mangrove Rhizophora mucronata
Tapas Kumar Sur, Alok Kumar Hazra, Dipankar Bhattacharyya, Avijit Hazra
April-June 2015, 11(42):389-394
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153094  PMID:25829780
  4,330 130 8
Bacopa monnieri promotes longevity in Caenorhabditis elegans under stress conditions
Suresh C Phulara, Virendra Shukla, Sudeep Tiwari, Rakesh Pandey
April-June 2015, 11(42):410-416
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153097  PMID:25829783
  4,262 167 7
Comparative evaluation of standardized alcoholic, hydroalcoholic, and aqueous extracts of Phyllanthus maderaspatensis Linn. against galactosamine-induced hepatopathy in albino rats
UK Ilyas, Deepshikha P Katare, Vidhu Aeri
April-June 2015, 11(42):277-282
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153079  PMID:25829765
  4,255 93 1
The influences of inorganic elements in soil on the development of famous - region Atractylodes lancea (Thunb.) DC
Weiwanqi Zhang, Zhen Ouyang, Ming Zhao, Yuan Wei, Huasheng Peng, Qiang Wang, Ling Guo
April-June 2015, 11(42):337-344
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153087  PMID:25829773
  4,223 111 1
The potential of selected Australian medicinal plants with anti-Proteus activity for the treatment and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis
IE Cock, V Winnett, J Sirdaarta, B Matthews
May 2015, 11(42):190-208
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157734  PMID:26109767
  4,180 145 14
Yin-Chen-Hao-Tang alleviates biliary obstructive cirrhosis in rats by inhibiting biliary epithelial cell proliferation and activation
Bing Wang, Ming-Yu Sun, Ai-Hua Long, Hong-Yan Cao, Shuang Ren, Yan-Qin Bian, Xiong Lu, Hong-Tu Gu, Cheng-Hai Liu, Ping Liu
April-June 2015, 11(42):417-425
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153098  PMID:25829784
  4,213 110 7
In vivo antitumor potential of Ipomoea pes-caprae on melanoma cancer
Ashish Manigauha, MD Kharya, N Ganesh
April-June 2015, 11(42):426-433
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153099  PMID:25829785
  4,179 134 3
Preconditioning with glycyrrhizic, ferulic, paeoniflorin, cinnamic prevents rat hearts from ischemia/reperfusion injury via endothelial nitric oxide pathway
Guo-Qiang Qian, Jingjing Ding, Xiaozhao Zhang, Xiaofeng Yin, Yuqin Gao, Guo-Ping Zhao
April-June 2015, 11(42):292-296
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153081  PMID:25829767
  4,080 97 8
Flavonoid profile, antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of different extracts from Algerian Rhamnus alaternus L. bark
Soulef Boussahel, Antonio Speciale, Saliha Dahamna, Yacine Amar, Irene Bonaccorsi, Francesco Cacciola, Francesco Cimino, Paola Donato, Guido Ferlazzo, Daoud Harzallah, Mariateresa Cristani
May 2015, 11(42):102-109
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157707  PMID:26109754
  3,887 140 10
Pharmacological and phytochemical evaluation of Ocimum sanctum root extracts for its antiinflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities
Anant Kumar, Karishma Agarwal, Anil Kumar Maurya, Karuna Shanker, Umme Bushra, Sudeep Tandon, Dnyaneshwar U Bawankule
May 2015, 11(42):217-224
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157743  PMID:26109769
  3,821 157 13
Effects of Pogostemon cablin Blanco extract on hypoxia induced rabbit cardiomyocyte injury
Chi-Yeon Lim, Bu-Yeo Kim, Se-Hyun Lim, Su-In Cho
April-June 2015, 11(42):311-319
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153084  PMID:25829770
  3,838 71 4
Effect of co-administration of Angelicae gigantis radix and Lithospermi radix on rat hepatic injury induced by carbon tetrachloride
Chi-Yeon Lim, Bu-Yeo Kim, Se-Hyun Lim, Su-In Cho
April-June 2015, 11(42):395-403
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153095  PMID:25829781
  3,831 67 1
Effects of Valerianae Radix et Rhizoma extract on psychological stress in mice
Jeong Suk Kim, Jeong Deok Ahn, Su-In Cho
April-June 2015, 11(42):381-388
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153093  PMID:25829779
  3,676 83 2
Pharmacophore modeling, in silico screening, molecular docking and molecular dynamics approaches for potential alpha-delta bungarotoxin-4 inhibitors discovery
R Barani Kumar, M Xavier Suresh, B Shanmuga Priya
May 2015, 11(42):19-28
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157670  PMID:26109766
  3,600 124 2
Experimental treatment of breast cancer-bearing BALB/c mice by artemisinin and transferrin-loaded magnetic nanoliposomes
Amir Gharib, Zohreh Faezizadeh, Seyed Ali Reza Mesbah-Namin, Ramin Saravani
May 2015, 11(42):117-122
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157710  PMID:26109756
  3,552 171 13
Quantitative analysis of the eight major compounds in the Samsoeum using a high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with diode array detection and electrospray ionization mass spectrometer
Jin Bae Weon, Hye Jin Yang, Bohyoung Lee, Jin Yeul Ma, Choong Je Ma
April-June 2015, 11(42):320-326
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153085  PMID:25829771
  3,630 84 4
Evaluation of extraction method on the chemical composition in Apeiba tibourbou Aubl's extracts
Frederico Severino Martins, Edemilson Cardoso da Conceição
April-June 2015, 11(42):368-373
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153091  PMID:25829777
  3,617 96 1
A novel high-performance liquid chromatography-electron spray ionization-mass spectrometry method for simultaneous determination of guggulsterones, piperine and gallic acid in Triphala guggulu
Ganesh Muguli, PR Rao Vadaparthi, B Ramesh, Vishakante Gowda, Rangesh Paramesh, Atul N Jadhav, K Suresh Babu
May 2015, 11(42):66-72
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157696  PMID:26109777
  3,494 138 -
Simultaneous quantification of six alkaloid components from commercial stemonae radix by solid phase extraction-high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with evaporative light scattering detector
Rong-Rong Zhang, Dan-Yi Lu, Zhen-Ya Yang, Wen Zhao, Paul Pui-Hay But, Pang-Chui Shaw, Ren-Wang Jiang, Zhi-Guo Ma
April-June 2015, 11(42):360-367
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153090  PMID:25829776
  3,468 78 3
Cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of Ebenus boissieri Barbey on human lung cancer cell line A549
Esra Arslan Aydemir, Ece Simsek, Nilüfer Imir, Ramazan Süleyman Göktürk, Erdem Yesilada, Kayahan Fiskin
May 2015, 11(42):37-45
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157679  PMID:26109772
  3,366 125 3
Methanol extract of wheatgrass induces G1 cell cycle arrest in a p53-dependent manner and down regulates the expression of cyclin D1 in human laryngeal cancer cells-an in vitro and in silico approach
Garima Shakya, Sangeetha Balasubramanian, Rukkumani Rajagopalan
May 2015, 11(42):139-147
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157715  PMID:26109759
  3,362 111 3
Antiproliferative efficacy of Tabernaemontana divaricata against HEP2 cell line and Vero cell line
Arvind Kumar, S Selvakumar
May 2015, 11(42):46-52
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157682  PMID:26109773
  3,330 120 2
Cytotoxic glucosphingolipid from Celtis Africana
Shagufta Perveen, Areej Mohammad Al-Taweel, Ghada Ahmed Fawzy, Azza Muhammed El-Shafae, Afsar Khan, Peter Proksch
May 2015, 11(42):1-5
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157662  PMID:26109753
  3,274 75 7
Anti-lung cancer potential of pure esteric-glycoside condurangogenin A against nonsmall-cell lung cancer cells in vitro via p21/p53 mediated cell cycle modulation and DNA damage-induced apoptosis
Sourav Sikdar, Avinaba Mukherjee, Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh
May 2015, 11(42):73-85
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157698  PMID:26109778
  3,238 82 3
Hepatorenal protective effect of Antistax ® against chemically-induced toxicity
Atallah F Ahmed, Hanan M Al-Yousef, Jawaher H Al-Qahtani, Mansour S Al-Said, AbdelKader E Ashour, Mohammed Al-Sohaibani, Syed Rafatullah
May 2015, 11(42):173-181
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157726  PMID:26109764
  3,184 87 3
Cytotoxic activity of Macrosolen parasiticus (L.) Danser on the growth of breast cancer cell line (MCF-7)
Vijay Kumar Sodde, Richard Lobo, Nimmy Kumar, Rajalekshmi Maheshwari, CS Shreedhara
May 2015, 11(42):156-160
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157719  PMID:26109761
  3,148 91 7
Phytoecdysteroids of the East Asian Caryophyllaceae
Elena Novozhilova, Viacheslav Rybin, Petr Gorovoy, Irina Gavrilenko, Roman Doudkin
May 2015, 11(42):225-230
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157746  PMID:26109770
  3,082 105 1
Development of response surface methodology for optimization of extraction parameters and quantitative estimation of embelin from Embelia ribes Burm by high performance liquid chromatography
Md. Shamsir Alam, Zoheir A Damanhouri, Aftab Ahmad, Lubna Abidin, Mohd Amir, Mohd Aqil, Shah Alam Khan, Mohd Mujeeb
May 2015, 11(42):166-172
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157722  PMID:26109763
  3,077 101 4
Antimutagenic potential of harpagoside and Harpagophytum procumbens against 1-nitropyrene
Luigi Manon, Baghdikian Béatrice, Orsière Thierry, Pompili Jocelyne, Mabrouki Fathi, Ollivier Evelyne, Botta Alain
May 2015, 11(42):29-36
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157675  PMID:26109771
  3,043 99 3
Development and extraction optimization of baicalein and pinostrobin from Scutellaria violacea through response surface methodology
Shankar Subramaniam, Ravikumar Raju, Anbumathi Palanisamy, Aravind Sivasubramanian
May 2015, 11(42):127-138
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157714  PMID:26109758
  3,049 82 4
Protective effect of young green barley leaf (Hordeum vulgare L.) on restraint stress-induced decrease in hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor in mice
Katsunori Yamaura, Riho Tanaka, Yuanyuan Bi, Hideki Fukata, Nobuo Oishi, Hiromi Sato, Chisato Mori, Koichi Ueno
May 2015, 11(42):86-92
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157702  PMID:26109779
  2,988 101 7
Effects of the extract and glycoalkaloids of Solanum lycocarpum St. Hill on Giardia lamblia trophozoites
Gilmarcio Z Martins, Raquel R. D. Moreira, Cleopatra S Planeta, Adélia E Almeida, Jairo K Bastos, Lígia Salgueiro, Carlos Cavaleiro, Maria do Céu Sousa
May 2015, 11(42):161-165
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157721  PMID:26109762
  2,871 118 2
Inhibitory potential of some Romanian medicinal plants against enzymes linked to neurodegenerative diseases and their antioxidant activity
Gabriela Paun, Elena Neagu, Camelia Albu, Gabriel Lucian Radu
May 2015, 11(42):110-116
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157709  PMID:26109755
  2,893 95 4
The dose dependent in vitro responses of MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cell lines to extracts of Vatica diospyroides symington type SS fruit include effects on mode of cell death
Theera Srisawat, Yaowapa Sukpondma, Potchanapond Graidist, Siriphon Chimplee, Kanyanatt Kanokwiroon
May 2015, 11(42):148-155
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157718  PMID:26109760
  2,816 128 3
Toxicological and biochemical studies on Schinus terebinthifolius concerning its curative and hepatoprotective effects against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury
Rania H Abdou, Sherif Y Saleh, Waleed F Khalil
May 2015, 11(42):93-101
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157705  PMID:26109780
  2,761 88 5
Use of bergenin as an analytical marker for standardization of the polyherbal formulation containing Saxifraga ligulata
Hulikal Basavarajaiah Pushpalatha, Kumar Pramod, Rajendran Devanathan, Ramachandran Sundaram
May 2015, 11(42):60-65
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157690  PMID:26109776
  2,605 83 3
Protective role of Kalpaamruthaa in type II diabetes mellitus-induced cardiovascular disease through the modulation of protease-activated receptor-1
Raja Latha, Palanivelu Shanthi, Panchanadham Sachdanandam
May 2015, 11(42):209-216
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157739  PMID:26109768
  2,472 62 1
Assay method for quality control and stability studies of a new anti-diabetic and anti-dyslipidemic flavone (S002-853)*
Arshi Naqvi, Anuja Pandey, Varsha Gupta, Richa Malasoni, Akansha Srivastava, Rishi Ranjan Pandey, M Satyanarayana, Ram Pratap, Anil Kumar Dwivedi
May 2015, 11(42):53-59
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.157689  PMID:26109774
  2,423 87 -
Identification of longevity, fertility and growth-promoting properties of pomegranate in Caenorhabditis elegans
Hasan Kiliçgün, Nazli Arda, Evren Önay Uçar
April-June 2015, 11(42):356-359
DOI:10.4103/0973-1296.153089  PMID:25829775
  1,430 14 4