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: 2013  |  Volume : 9  |  Issue : 33  |  Page : 1--3

Top cited articles from Pharmacogn. Mag in 2012

KK Mueen Ahmed 
 Managing Editor, Pharmacognosy Magazine, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 027, India

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K K Mueen Ahmed
Managing Editor, Pharmacognosy Magazine, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 027

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It is pleasure to write an editorial for this issue. Since 2005, Pharmacognosy Magazine (Pharmacogn.Mag) [] has been publishing quality articles in the field of Natural Products and Pharmacognosy. [1],[2] Each manuscript is being assigned with 3-4 reviewers and asked to comment on the scientific merit of submitted articles and its relevance to the journal. Acceptance for publication is mainly based on the views of two or more reviewers based on originality, validity, and relevance of the information presented. With the help of reviewers, editorial board members, we could able to achieve a high quality papers being published in each issue of Pharmacogn. Mag. We have presented a list of active reviewers for the year 2012 at the end of this issue and we are regularly seeking mentors/reviewers who can support or give critical comments on the submitted papers.

The year 2012 was another exciting year for Pharmacogn. Mag., as we have received 460 submissions and we are specific with the selection of papers that are being published. Around 68 (15%) papers were accepted for publication. I exclusively thank reviewers and editorial board members for their prompt review and response towards the submissions last year. [Table 1] and [Figure 1] represent the details of total submissions in the year 2012. [Table 2] shows number of days taken from submission to final decision on articles. [3] We are constantly improving and working hard to reduce the number of days for the whole publication process. {Figure 1}{Table 1}{Table 2}

Identifying the most cited articles published in Pharmacogn. Mag is one of the methods for assessing the road of progress in Pharmacognsy. An appraisal of top-cited papers in Pharmacognosy Mag is of value on several fronts. It identifies important contributions, Quality papers, and facilitates the understanding of research output. It also identifies and encourages the attributes of the works, discoveries, and findings that are driving our field. Pharmacogn Mag. received an impact factor (IF) of 1.15 in previous year. [4] and we are expecting higher IF this year based on the number of citations till the end of year 2012 [Figure 2]. I am listing top 15 cited papers based on SCOPUS [5] and Web of science [6] databases [Table 3] and [Table 4]. It makes us understand about the importance of article being read and cited mostly by journal's audience. It is obvious, the article's importance and value of publishing in a journal is always measured by number and pattern of citations [Figure 3]. I thank all the contributing authors for the quality papers being published and we expect greater heights in coming years. We are currently working on different section of articles being published and also planning to include review articles based on invited basis. I extend my thanks to Medknow Publications-Wolters Kluwer Health for their excellent production of journal.{Figure 2}{Figure 3}{Table 3}{Table 4}

I wish you a happy reading of this issue.


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