Pharmacogn Mag, Vol 2, Issue 7, Jul-Sep, 2006


New regulations need to be implemented for herbal medicines and dietary supplements
Biren N Shah, BS Nayak, AK Seth, SS Jalalpure, KN Patel


Global Yields, Chemical Compositions, and Antioxidant activities of extracts from Achyrocline alata and Achyrocline satureioides
Patrica F Leal, Carmen L Queiroga, Marili V.N Rodrigues, Ilio Montanari, Angela M.A Meireles

Anticholesterolemic, Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant activity of Glinus lotoides linn. against ethanol induced liver damage in rats
L Sathiyanarayanan, S Arulmozhi, N Chidambaranathan

Pharmacognostical, Antibacterial and Antifungal potentials of the leaf extracts of Pithecellobium dulce Benth
SD Shanmugakumar, S Amerjothy, K Balakrishna

A simple spectrofluorometric estimation of wedelolactone in methanol extract of Eclipta alba
MB Patel, SH Mishra

Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Aryltetralin Lignans from Linum tauricum ssp. bulgaricum
Nikolay P Vasilev, Iliana I Ionkova

Studies on diuretic and laxative activity of ethanolic extract and its fractions of Cleome rutidosperma aerial parts
A Bose, S Mondal, JK Gupta, GK Dash, T Ghosh, S Si

Protective Effect of Mangiferin an active Phytochemical and Cardiotonic from Mangifera Indica Linn on Isoproterenol induced myocardial infarcted Rats- An Electrocardiographic, Electrophoretic and Biochemical Evidences
S Prabhu, CS Shyamala Devi

Antiplatelet, antibacterial and antifungal activities of Achillea falcata extracts and evaluation of volatile oil composition
Talal Aburjai, Mohammad Hudaib


Antibacterial activity of Mimosa pudica, Aegle marmelos and Sida cordifolia
N Balakrishnan, VH Bhaskar, B Jayakar, B Sangameswaran